Skill developments for independence

Cookery, varied ASDAN courses, discussion and functional group exercises

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ASDAN programmes and qualifications

Mondays from 10am for 2 hours
Thursdays from 1pm for 2 hours

Our ‘Towards Independence’ modules are for learners 16+ and are suited to learners with MLD, SLD and PMLD. ‘Towards Independence’ offers formal recognition for small steps in achievements towards larger goals. Learners will work through their workbooks and once completed these will then be internally moderated ready for externally moderation in which they will receive a certificate on completion.

Price: £12 is the first outlay, then each module booklet after that costs £4.65
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Wednesdays at 5pm for 2 hours

In this 2 hour session participants will be able to bake savoury and sweet pastries to include bread making, baking cakes etc.
This will promote the learning of culinary skills, food hygiene and for participants to become more independent using ovens and kitchen equipment.

Price: £24 per person
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Computer Learning

Mondays at 1pm for 1 hour
Wednesdays at 10am for 1 hour

In our computer learning session, participants will have the opportunity to learn Microsoft packages such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This will help them gain confidence in these areas, so they can transfer them into everyday life.

Price: £24 per person
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Tuesdays at 10am for 2 hours
Tuesdays at 1pm for 2 hours
Thursdays at 10am for 2 hours

In this 2 hour session, participants will learn essential cooking skills by creating different nutritional meals each week. They will have to prepare, cook the ingredients and tidy up.
Attendees will be able to take what they have learnt back home and help create some healthy meals in a more independent way. Please note that prior to the session, attendees will need to buy the ingredients.

Price: £24 per person
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Discussion and Functional Skills

Wednesdays at 1pm for 1.5 hours

In the first half of this session, participants will be shown a presentation on a topic they have previously picked. Topics have previously included countries and seasonal events.
In the second half, participants will learn about topics such as history, geography, maths, science and english. All work books are in a paper format.

Price: £24 per person
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