About us

The ARC is a vibrant space offering a wide range of life enhancing activities for people with additional needs, including learning disabilities, autism, physical disabilities and sensory impairment. 

A place where you belong

At the ARC, we support people to flourish in a safe place where they feel respected and valued. We go beyond the expectations to offer activities that enable people of all abilities to live their lives full of choices and opportunities.

Our approach is all about practical life skills, and providing sessions that are fun, creative and offer social inclusion.

It’s the passion and experience of our team that makes us different. We believe that everyone has the right to be themselves, feel that their life has a purpose, and that they belong and matter.

We provide sessions that can be individually tailored where needed, and we will work with you to design the plan to reach your goals.

Please choose an activity then use our online form to request a place.

The ARC is open to adults with Learning Disabilities

  • The ARC supports families with a family member who has a learning disability.
  • We provide a range of opportunities which offer respite.
  • You will have comfort in the knowledge that your family member is accessing a safe environment, where friendships are forged, learning is provided, independence encouraged, individuality embraced and fun is assured.
  • We work closely with Local Authorities and other Social Care Providers who are seeking quality, purposeful occupation, including a pathway to work for those they support.
  • The ARC is run by the team at Ivolve Care & Support.





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