Group gatherings

Discos, karaoke, celebrations and parties, offering social activities with an emphasis on turn taking, meeting with others and relationship-forming

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Thursdays at 3.30pm

Come and join our Bingo session along with other friends. This session is tailored for those with hearing and visual impairments. Prizes are given at each session.

Price: £13
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Arts & Crafts

Momdays at 3.15pm
Wednesdays at 3.15pm

In this 2 hour session, participants create different projects using a range of materials such as paper, paint, papier-mâché and textiles. We strive to allow participants to use their own imagination to make projects completely their own.


Price: £19.50
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Music Jam session


Come and join our hour-long music session. The service users get the opportunity to participate by singing, playing instruments, and dancing. This is a fun and engaging session with elements of multi-sensory stimulation.


Price: £13
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