Our team

The ARC is very proud to have a great team who are all highly skilled and experienced.

Sue Stopa

Cavendish Care's Area Manager for Residential Services, Specialists and Training

Laura Russell

Assistant ARC Manager

Chelscie Silk

Assistant Activity Coordinator

Kassandra Alexandrou

Assistant Activity Coordinator

Dean Lester

Assistant Activity Coordinator

Robbie Grayson

Assistant Activity Coordinator

Specialist support staff

We believe that all Learning Disabled people should have access to a high quality of life where they feel valued, purposeful and their happiness is supported.

First and foremost we offer our visitors a welcome which recognises that they are important to us.

We aim to make a difference in our visitors’ lives by listening to their views and creating opportunities which rise up to match them. 

We recognise that life should be approached holistically; that everyone has a right to feel their life has purpose, meaning and value. The ARC is a place where everyone belongs and matters.

If you have any questions about the ARC please get in touch!