Dean Lester

Assistant Activity Coordinator

Dean joined the ARC team in February 2019. He has years of experience in working in social care setting. He has a diploma in performing arts which he received in college in 1999.

Dean loves to brighten other people’s lives and excels when he is making people smile. Using intensive interaction, he can communicate with anybody efficiently and effectively.

Dean loves drama sessions which will result in client’s putting on performances for friends and families. He believes that this will benefit clients self-confidence, memory, communication skills and freedom of expression not to mention it is extremely fun.

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“Working as an Assistant Activity Coordinator with Cavendish Care is not like work at all. Every day is different and actioned packed with fun! I really admire the core values of the company and the team is like one big family! I know I have found my life-long career working in an area that makes a real difference to myself and others.”